Home ownership does change your life, it shifts so many things. If you’re coming from an apartment, you may experience conveniences like private parking spaces and private lush gardens, amenities that aren’t shared for the first time. If you’ve been renting a home, you will probably feel a new sense of security, privacy, and peace of mind once the mortgage is in our name. Not to mention the itch to repaint, re-imagine, and redo at least a few dozen things and bring them to your taste and standards.

Here and more reasons how becoming a homeowner changes your life for the better!

1. Financial Security

According to Investopedia, “The largest measurable financial benefit to homeownership is price appreciation,” said Investopedia. It is price appreciation that helps build home equity. A realtor once said that the principle you pay on the mortgage is like putting money in the bank, in the form of equity.

2. Peace of mind

It’s so fulfilling knowing you own something or something is in your name especially after you’ve cleared your mortgage loan. Knowing, no one will knock at your door demanding rent anymore. How peaceful such life is.

3. Pride of ownership

There is nothing that beats this feeling, the feeling you get when you come home to your place – the place you scrimped and saved for and the place that represents a lifelong dream – well, there’s just no substitute.

4. Stake in your neighborhood

The pride of ownership extends to the homes and areas around your house as well. Buying a house will undoubtedly make you more invested in what’s going on around you, whether or not you move to a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association.  This may increase property values, especially if neighbors band together for common improvements.

At Nakuru Meadows, every homeowner owns one share into the homeowner’s association.

5. Tax breaks

According to Investopedia, “The second largest financial benefit of owning a home is tax savings.” They continue to say, “The biggest of these is the ability to deduct the annual interest paid on a mortgage from income. You may also get your private mortgage insurance written off, on addition to fees paid at closing. If you have paid points, either discount or origination, you can deduct these as well.”

6. More financial freedom to invest in other parts of your life

Lastly, homeownership gives more freedom. Financial freedom since you now have a roof over your head, it’s now time to invest into other long term investments you’ve been holding off.


Are you ready to be a homeowner?


We have great offers at Nakuru Meadows for 3 bedroom Maisonettes and 4 bedroom Townhouses.

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