6 Ways Becoming A Homeowner Can Change Your Life

6 Ways Becoming A Homeowner Can Change Your Life

Home ownership does change your life, it shifts so many things. If you’re coming from an apartment, you may experience conveniences like private parking spaces and private lush gardens, amenities that aren’t shared for the first time. If you’ve been renting a home, you will probably feel a new sense of security, privacy, and peace of mind once the mortgage is in our name. Not to mention the itch to repaint, re-imagine, and redo at least a few dozen things and bring them to your taste and standards.

Here and more reasons how becoming a homeowner changes your life for the better!

1. Financial Security

According to Investopedia, “The largest measurable financial benefit to homeownership is price appreciation,” said Investopedia. It is price appreciation that helps build home equity. A realtor once said that the principle you pay on the mortgage is like putting money in the bank, in the form of equity.

2. Peace of mind

It’s so fulfilling knowing you own something or something is in your name especially after you’ve cleared your mortgage loan. Knowing, no one will knock at your door demanding rent anymore. How peaceful such life is.

3. Pride of ownership

There is nothing that beats this feeling, the feeling you get when you come home to your place – the place you scrimped and saved for and the place that represents a lifelong dream – well, there’s just no substitute.

4. Stake in your neighborhood

The pride of ownership extends to the homes and areas around your house as well. Buying a house will undoubtedly make you more invested in what’s going on around you, whether or not you move to a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association.  This may increase property values, especially if neighbors band together for common improvements.

At Nakuru Meadows, every homeowner owns one share into the homeowner’s association.

5. Tax breaks

According to Investopedia, “The second largest financial benefit of owning a home is tax savings.” They continue to say, “The biggest of these is the ability to deduct the annual interest paid on a mortgage from income. You may also get your private mortgage insurance written off, on addition to fees paid at closing. If you have paid points, either discount or origination, you can deduct these as well.”

6. More financial freedom to invest in other parts of your life

Lastly, homeownership gives more freedom. Financial freedom since you now have a roof over your head, it’s now time to invest into other long term investments you’ve been holding off.


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7 Commandments of Buying a Home – As Told By Memes

7 Commandments of Buying a Home – As Told By Memes

We came across some exciting tips on how to ensure you have a smooth home buying process, we thought are worth sharing. We summarized them to just 7 commandments to bring context back home. Here is a quick read;

According to the article by Fairway, make sure to follow these 7 commandments of buying a home.

Here is a breakdown:

Commandment 1: Thou shalt not change jobs, become self-employed, or quit your job.

Mortgage lenders look for income stability. They want to know that if they approve you for a home loan, you’ll have the ability to meet your mortgage payments. Changing jobs during your mortgage application stage shows instability and can be a red flag for your lender. It leads to questions about why, could it happen again, and whether your new income will be adequate to enable you to meet your financial obligations.

Commandment 2: Thou shalt not use credit cards excessively or let current accounts fall behind.

Credit cards are part of the debt-to-income ratio that mortgage lenders use to determine the amount of home loan you qualify for. The more debt you have (compared to income), generally means the lower mortgage amount you may qualify for. The lower your long-term debt is, the more confidence underwriters have in your ability to repay, and you may qualify for a higher loan amount.

To ensure you maintain a good ratio we suggest holding off on large purchases especially using your credit card, such as buying furniture for your new home, until after your home loan has closed.

Commandment 3: Thou shalt not buy a car, truck, or van (or you may be living in it!)

As mentioned above, hold off on large purchases until after your home loan closes. Mortgage lenders want to know that you’ll be able to meet both the short (closing costs) and long term financial obligations of your home loan. This is not the time to get an upgrade on your car!

Commandment 4: Thou shalt not spend money you have set aside for closing.

If you’ve put away some money towards closing costs, it might be very tempting to dip into it now and then. Please Don’t! Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing the money you need to close on your home loan will be there when you need it. Trust us, you’ll be happier and less stressed when you exercise this kind of self-control.

Commandment 5: Thou shalt not omit debts or liabilities from your loan application.

Always be upfront about your debts and financial liabilities. Either way, technology makes it pretty easy for mortgage lenders to get the full picture of your finances, whether you disclose everything or not. They will have more confidence in you as a potential borrower if you’re upfront about debt and financial liabilities.

Commandment 6: Thou shalt not change bank accounts.

Qualifying for a home loan generally includes providing your lender with copies of your bank accounts for a period of time (such as the past two years). Avoid changing banks during the home loan process to avoid giving underwriters cause for concern.

Commandment 7: Thou shalt not co-sign a loan for anyone.

It might not occur to you that co-signing a loan or lease for someone reflects on your ability to obtain a mortgage – but it does! You may just be trying to be a good friend by co-signing a loan for your buddy, but to underwriters, this shows up as a financial liability or debt as though it belonged to you. Don’t co-sign onto financial obligations during the home buying process.

Source: https://forneretteteam.com/commandments-buying-home-memes

What are your thoughts on these shall nots? Are you a victim of any of these commandments? Share with us your experience below.



Still wondering what the fuss is all about with Nakuru Meadows. Well, get to know why your next home should be Nakuru Meadows through this quick snapshot!

1. Proximity to Town, Shopping Amenities and Hospitals

Nakuru Meadows is about 15mins shy from Nakuru Town when there is no traffic. This means you have access to shopping amenities, hospitals, and the central business district.

Knowing you have somewhere to rush a loved one on those bad days when they are not feeling well is such a relief. In case you were wondering where to find good hospitals around, we have listed a few below:


Hospitals Near Nakuru Meadows

  • The Mediheal Group of Hospital, Nakuru – 10 mins away
  • Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Nakuru- 13 mins away
  • Nakuru Nursing home – 18 mins away
  • Nakuru Specialist Hospital – 10 mins away

2. Proximity to Schools and Worship places

We understand, as parents, you want to live in an area with good schools nearby. Maybe a worship place too. We guarantee you will be spoilt for choice at Nakuru Meadows.

Pick your choice from this list.


Schools Near Nakuru Meadows

  • Nakuru School – 17mins away
  • Hillcrest Secondary School – 6 mins away
  • Madaraka Primary School – 5 mins away
  • Moi Forces Academy – 16 mins away


Worship places Near Nakuru Meadows

  • Citam Church Nakuru – directly opposite Nakuru Meadows
  • AIPCA Lanet – 7mins away
  • KAG Nakuru – 6 mins away
  • PCEA – 8 mins away
  • Mosque – 12 mins away

3. Great Neighborhood 

We love outdoors, that’s why we have such a rich recreational area at Nakuru Meadows. But we know that’s not enough somedays you want to spend them away from our little haven.

Here are a few places you can tour.


Places to visit near Nakuru Meadows

  • Lake Nakuru National Park – 15mins away
  • Hyrax Hill Museum – 14 mins away
  • Acacia Picnic Site – 46 mins away
  • Nyayo Gardens park – 16 mins away

4. Great Family House with beautiful Amenities

Nakuru Meadows is a gated community of about 70 homes. It includes 3 bedroom Maisonettes and 4bedroom Townhouses.


Here is a breakdown of the differences between the two:

3 bedroom Maisonette

 4 bedroom Town House

·         3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

·         4 bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms

·         Master En-suite

·         All En-suite

·         121 sq.

·         148 sq.

·         2 private gardens

·         2 private gardens

·         Solar water heating

·         Solar water heating

·         Detached En-suite SQ – 13 sq.

·         Detached En-suite SQ – 13 sq.

·         Fitted kitchen with ample storage area.

·         Fitted kitchen with ample storage area.

·         Ready for DSTV and internet connection.

·         Ready for DSTV and internet connection.

·         Ample parking.

·         Ample parking.


5. Great Communal Amenities

Nothing brings a community together than a common place where they can hang out and just relax. This is why the Meadow is so special to us. Get to know other amazing communal amenities at Nakuru Meadows.

Here is a list:


Common Amenities at Nakuru Meadows

  • Professionally landscaped surroundings including generous use of trees, shrubs, and a green recreation park perfect for picnics or get- together.
  • High perimeter wall with electric fence.
  • Cabro paved streets and street lighting.
  • Secure main gate, CCTV, and a guardhouse.
  • Borehole, underground, and elevated water tanks.
  • Water treatment plant- purifies water to bottled water quality so that you can drink directly from the tap!
  • Children’s and adult play area with a volleyball pitch.
  • Gazebo and Pergola chilling zones.

Learn about our current prices and offers:

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They say owning a home is fulfilling, which it is. But we say owing a home in a gated community especially when you have a young family is the real goal. We have a beautiful gated community we would like to share with you, Nakuru Meadows.

What does living in a gated community, like Nakuru Meadows feel like?

First off let’s mention the obvious beautiful surroundings most gated communities offer. Well-tended small gardens, playing grounds, decorative chilling zones, clean streets are all part of the scenery here at Nakuru Meadows. Landscape lighting makes the nights as pleasant as the days. Those are not features you find in the town neighborhoods.

Testimonial 1

The common areas here aren’t tagged with graffiti or littered with trash. There aren’t small groups of teens hanging out in the parks drinking and drugging, or roaming the streets playing loud music or acting out there is a sense of respect here, mutual respect. It’s as if there is a silent rule when you come into the estate that says, “leave the noise and drama out and enjoy the peace.”

The residents at Nakuru Meadows all share ownership in the playgrounds, the volleyball court, the pergola and gazebo, even the streets themselves, and so they treat things with respect. Nothing is broken, missing, or needing maintenance, or when they are it will be immediately corrected. You don’t have to wait for months or even years for problems to be dealt with.

Living in a gated community like the one at Nakuru Meadows, also means that security is guaranteed 24/7. It means you can travel for months without having to hire expensive house sitters or call in a relative just to watch your house and keep it occupied. You can walk the streets anytime without the risk that usually comes when you live in a high crime neighborhood like the ones in the city. You will never have to worry about where your kids went to play or who they are playing with. Security is the invisible amenity and one that our residents no longer spend much time thinking about.

Testimonial 2

There is order here, everything runs smoothly, even when it comes to family visits. Visitors have to identify themselves before they come in, give out the names and personal details as they walk into the estate. They cannot get lost despite having 70 homes around, because the streets are named and the houses numbered. The staff and residents are also very helpful and friendly. You can’t miss the, ‘welcome home’ feeling when you come into Nakuru Meadows.

Certainly, there is a price to pay for the convenience, for the order, and the system that keeps everything running so that your mind is always at peace. There is also a price to pay for living in a high crime area too or an area that’s not controlled, things don’t quite run right, nobody cares about the other, you’ve got to look out for your security out there.

Like one of our residents says below, he has lived here since December 2019 and he hasn’t found a downside yet. You too can enjoy such exemplary living.

Testimonial 3

Give us a call today at 0708 822 583 or 0715 856 848 or email sale@nakurumeadows.co.ke to schedule your home visit.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Water heating panels

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Water heating panels

Heating water can be a very costly affair especially if you have a large family, as it requires a huge amount of energy. Research shows that 18% of domestic energy is used to heat water. In most homes, this energy is generated through gas and oil. Most modern domestic boilers will run on gas and heat water when required. But the majority of people use electricity to heat water, which is the most expensive way to heat water.

We can all agree, life would be pretty miserable without hot water. It sucks to bathe with cold water especially during the cold season. We can try and save energy by implementing some lifestyle changes to use less hot water (for example, running less full baths, using thermostats on our heating system more efficiently), but we all want to live our best life and hot water on tap is top on the list.

Solar water heating systems provide an affordable option to heat water for domestic use. How they work is that the sun’s energy is used to heat water which is stored in a hot water tank and drawn on when required. During the cold season, there is an immersion heater or additional boiler for back-up which can heat the water to the temperature. It can also provide additional water during the hot season.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a solar water heater in your home? 

Advantages of Solar Water Heating

  • Zero Cost – Ideally, a solar panel uses energy from the sun. In essence, this means that you won’t be paying a cent to use power. You will be enjoying free energy! even in cloudy weather.
  • Efficiency – One of the primary reasons solar panels far outweigh any other form of energy when it comes to heating water is the efficiency they bring forth. More specifically, solar panels convert approximately 80% radiation into heat energy.
  • You save money on fuel bills.
  • Safe for the Environment – The world is going green, and there is no greener energy than the one from solar panels. It has zero emissions and a lower carbon footprint. The solar panels will lower your carbon footprint making it a good way to protect the environment.

Disadvantages of Solar Water Heating

  • Annual maintenance is recommended. This is because there are a few parts to the system like the pump and antifreeze which need to be checked to ensure that they are performing optimally. Remember, failure to carry out maintenance procedures on your solar panels may lead to a breakdown of your entire water heating system.

Homebuyers enjoy good benefits when they choose homes with pre-installed solar water heating systems. So, we recommend adding solar water heating on your must-have list when hunting for a home. 

At Nakuru Meadows, each home comes with a solar water heating system already installed. Residents enjoy hot baths while saving money. You can too, by taking advantage of our discount prices today!

Learn about our current prices and offers:

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How to Decorate a Master Bedroom

How to Decorate a Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is an important space in the home because it’s a rejuvenating space, a retreat, and an intimate getaway from the world.

Here are some exciting ideas for how to decorate your master bedroom.

1. Decorate with plants.

A bedroom should be a retreat, a place for rest, and rejuvenation. Few things embody rejuvenation like a healthy plant. It adds color, pattern, texture, and an organic flow of positivity in and around your bedroom.

2. Mimic, but not necessarily match, nightstands.

Some people are more comfortable with matching sets, and that’s completely fine when it comes to nightstands. But another way to approach nightstands is to choose two pieces that have something in common – color, context, or overall shape, for example – but aren’t the same. It’s a good idea to keep them relatively equal in size and proportion.

3. Have an easily accessible and interesting night light.

This can be almost anything, from a ceiling-hung pendant to a wall sconce to a simple tabletop lamp. But a night light makes a bedroom truly relaxing – leave it on for someone else, use it for your reading or work, or simply use it to add stylistic height to your nightstand area.

If you choose to have a tabletop lamp make sure you keep a portion of the nightstand clear. Whether it is a master, a guest, or a child’s bedroom, it’s important to keep at least a portion of the nightstand free and clear of décor. This allows the sleeper a convenient place to put a drink of water, a book, a phone or tablet, eyeglasses, hair elastics, or any number of last-minute set-downs.

With the variety of table lamps on the market today, choosing a perfect one has become a daunting task. If your bedroom is more on the serene, neutral, monochromatic side of design, consider choosing a table lamp that has an interesting lampshade or a slightly deeper tint or hue to mix things up.

4. Place a flat surface at the foot of your bed.

In this soothing bedroom of soft neutrals, a burgundy ottoman bench at the foot of the bed serves as a grounding force visually as well as a completely useful place to sit or throw clothes. Temporarily, of course.

5. Involve a mirror.

Mirrors are great for bouncing light around in a room, helping it to feel brighter and more spacious. They also serve a very useful purpose in the bedroom – they provide a place for one final check before leaving the room to face the world.

6. Embrace symmetry.

When possible, symmetry is a very restful and relaxing aesthetic because of its structure and order and predictability. Far from boring, however, symmetry infuses a sense of proper balance and elegance into the bedroom.

Symmetry could manifest itself in something as simple as matching nightstands and bedside lamps. Even when the master bedroom layout itself is anything but symmetric, symmetry surrounding the bed fools the eye to feeling the balance of the symmetrical design.

7. Decorate with pillows.

Whether you choose to use plenty of pillows or fewer, as long as you have some that’s all that matters. A healthy stack of soft and squishy pillows helps a bedroom feel inviting and touchable.

A stack like this makes you want to flop down and rest for a while. When all the pillows are in the same color family, they weave together seamlessly.

However, some people prefer to use fewer pillows. This is okay, it is more minimalist and certainly makes preparing for bed and then making the bed in the morning a faster and more straightforward task.

Another option for decorating with pillows is to vary pillow texture. While the prints are relatively simple, the textural variability of throw pillows is comforting and inviting. Faux fur pillows of any length are a very on-trend piece of décor right now.

8. Incorporate a lounge area.

Of course, not all master bedrooms are spacious enough to create an actual sitting area, but if yours has space, use it! A comfortable chair or two and a table will be an inviting space to sit and relax and talk or read after a long day.

Even in a smaller master bedroom, this concept is a good one – a single chair tucked away in a cozy corner will have a similar soothing effect.

9. Rethink colors.

One way to decorate a bedroom with white walls is to provide warmth and comfort via color infused into space elsewhere.

Of course, a lovely paint color will go a long way in creating the special ambiance of a beautiful bedroom, but you can even take the wall décor a step further and add custom trim or design work onto the wall itself. This will make even a small bedroom look beautiful and authentic.

Another great trick is to repeat colors and shapes. While you don’t want the master bedroom to look or feel boring, it’s a solid decorating method to repeat varied aspects throughout the room. For example, the subtle striped look of the white duvet cover mirrors the original bathroom door. Blues are varied but connect the room as a whole.

You can also use a soft neutral color scheme which tends to create a soft neutral aura. It creates a restful environment for anyone entering a bedroom. It is recommended that you incorporate a few pieces with darker tones to ground the space, however, and keep it from floating away altogether.

10. Always hang window treatments to the floor.

The look is chic and put-together, not to mention luxurious. When it makes sense, have your drapes hang from the ceiling to floor to make the room feel taller and, consequently, more spacious.

We hope you have been inspired by some of these tips on how to decorate your master bedroom and, even more, that you can move forward in creating a bedroom that is restful and beautiful.