They say owning a home is fulfilling, which it is. But we say owing a home in a gated community especially when you have a young family is the real goal. We have a beautiful gated community we would like to share with you, Nakuru Meadows.

What does living in a gated community, like Nakuru Meadows feel like?

First off let’s mention the obvious beautiful surroundings most gated communities offer. Well-tended small gardens, playing grounds, decorative chilling zones, clean streets are all part of the scenery here at Nakuru Meadows. Landscape lighting makes the nights as pleasant as the days. Those are not features you find in the town neighborhoods.

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The common areas here aren’t tagged with graffiti or littered with trash. There aren’t small groups of teens hanging out in the parks drinking and drugging, or roaming the streets playing loud music or acting out there is a sense of respect here, mutual respect. It’s as if there is a silent rule when you come into the estate that says, “leave the noise and drama out and enjoy the peace.”

The residents at Nakuru Meadows all share ownership in the playgrounds, the volleyball court, the pergola and gazebo, even the streets themselves, and so they treat things with respect. Nothing is broken, missing, or needing maintenance, or when they are it will be immediately corrected. You don’t have to wait for months or even years for problems to be dealt with.

Living in a gated community like the one at Nakuru Meadows, also means that security is guaranteed 24/7. It means you can travel for months without having to hire expensive house sitters or call in a relative just to watch your house and keep it occupied. You can walk the streets anytime without the risk that usually comes when you live in a high crime neighborhood like the ones in the city. You will never have to worry about where your kids went to play or who they are playing with. Security is the invisible amenity and one that our residents no longer spend much time thinking about.

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There is order here, everything runs smoothly, even when it comes to family visits. Visitors have to identify themselves before they come in, give out the names and personal details as they walk into the estate. They cannot get lost despite having 70 homes around, because the streets are named and the houses numbered. The staff and residents are also very helpful and friendly. You can’t miss the, ‘welcome home’ feeling when you come into Nakuru Meadows.

Certainly, there is a price to pay for the convenience, for the order, and the system that keeps everything running so that your mind is always at peace. There is also a price to pay for living in a high crime area too or an area that’s not controlled, things don’t quite run right, nobody cares about the other, you’ve got to look out for your security out there.

Like one of our residents says below, he has lived here since December 2019 and he hasn’t found a downside yet. You too can enjoy such exemplary living.

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