Heating water can be a very costly affair especially if you have a large family, as it requires a huge amount of energy. Research shows that 18% of domestic energy is used to heat water. In most homes, this energy is generated through gas and oil. Most modern domestic boilers will run on gas and heat water when required. But the majority of people use electricity to heat water, which is the most expensive way to heat water.

We can all agree, life would be pretty miserable without hot water. It sucks to bathe with cold water especially during the cold season. We can try and save energy by implementing some lifestyle changes to use less hot water (for example, running less full baths, using thermostats on our heating system more efficiently), but we all want to live our best life and hot water on tap is top on the list.

Solar water heating systems provide an affordable option to heat water for domestic use. How they work is that the sun’s energy is used to heat water which is stored in a hot water tank and drawn on when required. During the cold season, there is an immersion heater or additional boiler for back-up which can heat the water to the temperature. It can also provide additional water during the hot season.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a solar water heater in your home? 

Advantages of Solar Water Heating

  • Zero Cost – Ideally, a solar panel uses energy from the sun. In essence, this means that you won’t be paying a cent to use power. You will be enjoying free energy! even in cloudy weather.
  • Efficiency – One of the primary reasons solar panels far outweigh any other form of energy when it comes to heating water is the efficiency they bring forth. More specifically, solar panels convert approximately 80% radiation into heat energy.
  • You save money on fuel bills.
  • Safe for the Environment – The world is going green, and there is no greener energy than the one from solar panels. It has zero emissions and a lower carbon footprint. The solar panels will lower your carbon footprint making it a good way to protect the environment.

Disadvantages of Solar Water Heating

  • Annual maintenance is recommended. This is because there are a few parts to the system like the pump and antifreeze which need to be checked to ensure that they are performing optimally. Remember, failure to carry out maintenance procedures on your solar panels may lead to a breakdown of your entire water heating system.

Homebuyers enjoy good benefits when they choose homes with pre-installed solar water heating systems. So, we recommend adding solar water heating on your must-have list when hunting for a home. 

At Nakuru Meadows, each home comes with a solar water heating system already installed. Residents enjoy hot baths while saving money. You can too, by taking advantage of our discount prices today!

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