Still wondering what the fuss is all about with Nakuru Meadows. Well, get to know why your next home should be Nakuru Meadows through this quick snapshot!

1. Proximity to Town, Shopping Amenities and Hospitals

Nakuru Meadows is about 15mins shy from Nakuru Town when there is no traffic. This means you have access to shopping amenities, hospitals, and the central business district.

Knowing you have somewhere to rush a loved one on those bad days when they are not feeling well is such a relief. In case you were wondering where to find good hospitals around, we have listed a few below:


Hospitals Near Nakuru Meadows

  • The Mediheal Group of Hospital, Nakuru – 10 mins away
  • Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Nakuru- 13 mins away
  • Nakuru Nursing home – 18 mins away
  • Nakuru Specialist Hospital – 10 mins away

2. Proximity to Schools and Worship places

We understand, as parents, you want to live in an area with good schools nearby. Maybe a worship place too. We guarantee you will be spoilt for choice at Nakuru Meadows.

Pick your choice from this list.


Schools Near Nakuru Meadows

  • Nakuru School – 17mins away
  • Hillcrest Secondary School – 6 mins away
  • Madaraka Primary School – 5 mins away
  • Moi Forces Academy – 16 mins away


Worship places Near Nakuru Meadows

  • Citam Church Nakuru – directly opposite Nakuru Meadows
  • AIPCA Lanet – 7mins away
  • KAG Nakuru – 6 mins away
  • PCEA – 8 mins away
  • Mosque – 12 mins away

3. Great Neighborhood 

We love outdoors, that’s why we have such a rich recreational area at Nakuru Meadows. But we know that’s not enough somedays you want to spend them away from our little haven.

Here are a few places you can tour.


Places to visit near Nakuru Meadows

  • Lake Nakuru National Park – 15mins away
  • Hyrax Hill Museum – 14 mins away
  • Acacia Picnic Site – 46 mins away
  • Nyayo Gardens park – 16 mins away

4. Great Family House with beautiful Amenities

Nakuru Meadows is a gated community of about 70 homes. It includes 3 bedroom Maisonettes and 4bedroom Townhouses.


Here is a breakdown of the differences between the two:

3 bedroom Maisonette

 4 bedroom Town House

·         3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

·         4 bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms

·         Master En-suite

·         All En-suite

·         121 sq.

·         148 sq.

·         2 private gardens

·         2 private gardens

·         Solar water heating

·         Solar water heating

·         Detached En-suite SQ – 13 sq.

·         Detached En-suite SQ – 13 sq.

·         Fitted kitchen with ample storage area.

·         Fitted kitchen with ample storage area.

·         Ready for DSTV and internet connection.

·         Ready for DSTV and internet connection.

·         Ample parking.

·         Ample parking.


5. Great Communal Amenities

Nothing brings a community together than a common place where they can hang out and just relax. This is why the Meadow is so special to us. Get to know other amazing communal amenities at Nakuru Meadows.

Here is a list:


Common Amenities at Nakuru Meadows

  • Professionally landscaped surroundings including generous use of trees, shrubs, and a green recreation park perfect for picnics or get- together.
  • High perimeter wall with electric fence.
  • Cabro paved streets and street lighting.
  • Secure main gate, CCTV, and a guardhouse.
  • Borehole, underground, and elevated water tanks.
  • Water treatment plant- purifies water to bottled water quality so that you can drink directly from the tap!
  • Children’s and adult play area with a volleyball pitch.
  • Gazebo and Pergola chilling zones.

Learn about our current prices and offers:

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